HESI Testing

HESI A2 is now offered as follows:

Location: Online, remote proctoring via ProctorU for Vocational Nursing Institute Inc.

Dates: Students will choose what day works best for their schedule and will be proctored by the Hesi team of Evolve/Elsevier.

Time: Choose from time slots are available from 8am – 8pm

Cost: $129.99 effective 10/01/2023

  1. Click “pay tuition online” button at the top left of our website
  2. Email hesitesting@vni.edu to inform us you have paid & if this is your 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or etc time taking the HESI test.
  3. Receive email from us with instructions on how to register for the test.
  4. Email copy of HESI test score once you have completed the test to hesitesting@vni.edu
  5. If you need to retest, follow steps 1-4 again.

All fees paid for HESI testing are non-refundable. Once a test is paid for and scheduled, there are no refunds issued.

IMPORTANT NOTE: (4 hours is allotted for the test, at 4 hours, the student will be asked to exit the exam) For detailed information on the sections of the HESI exam administered at VNI click here click here . NOTE: Effective 1/1/2023 the VN program will no longer require A and P to be included in the HESI exam.  

HESI Super Scoring: The School allows the student to take the HESI exam up to three times per 6 month period of time. If the student takes it the first time, they sign up for Version I. If it is a second attempt, it is Version II, and if a third attempt, it is Version III. We will then take the highest grade for each of the four required sections, add them together to get the overall average. The student must achieve an overall score of 80%. The student cannot take the HESI Exam at our School more than three times.